My filosophy

The relationship of trust that is established with customers is fundamental for me: I am constantly attentive to their needs, to the quality of the materials and to every intervention that I and my collaborators carry out. These attentions are the key to the success of my Papi Service business.







The client is important to me

It is also important to know that, thanks to the collaboration with recognized professionals, Papi Service can issue certifications of electrical, civil and industrial systems. The declaration of conformity and the declaration of compliance of a plant electric, are documents, which certifies that the plant is compliant with respect of standards imposed by technical standards and / or by law.
The declaration of conformity contains the data of the plant and the subjects involved: technical manager, owner, client. It also provides information on the installation procedure, on the type of materials used, on the rules followed, on the location of the plant.
Papi Service aims to allow owners and managers of properties that need certification, to extricate themselves in complexity of the legislation and bureaucratic procedures for the issue of energy certification.

My collaborators are enabled to check electrical installations and to relative release of declarations of compliance and conformity, I take responsibility for your electrical system to be a norm with respect to national and European regulation.